"The Clowns of Nashville" is the stupid theme song from All Dungbeetles Go to Heaven: The Series.


Gandalf says it's quite a way to Nashville
Many miles beyond the gay bar.
Now I know that dungbeetles go to Nashville,
But until we chase a clown that far,
We will find the clowns of Nashville
Are everywhere around us.
Find the clowns of Nashville
Everywhere we are.

This might not be the circus,
But, boy, it sure is dumb,
And we're not trained clowncatchers. Why pretend?
Through funny times and dumb ones,
Awesome sex and bad sex,
We always come out smelling in the end.
We find the clowns of Nashville
Everywhere around us.
Find the clowns of Nashville,
You and I, my padawan.


  • Only in the first two seasons does this song come with the second half and is it uglier than ever. It is modulated higher and the second half is thankfully omitted in the third season.
  • The song was nominated for the 1997 Daytime Razzie Awards, but lost to "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

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