Alexandria Chillingbone is a goth and friend of David and she only appeared in one episode of the TV series, which is titled "Miss Guidance." She is a goth who has tickets for a The Nightmare Before Christmas fan convention; however, they went missing, so Charlie vows to get the notes; however, because Itchy had a cold, Sasha took his place.

Her real name is Stacy Happyface, but she hates that preppy name.

She sighs a lot and hates the world, and she spends most of her time in the old graveyard talking to ghosts.

She Was Voice By Helena Bonham Carter.

Physical Appearance Edit

Alex is an 8 or 9 year old goth with a darker red ponytail hair with a bang and short curly strands framing her face, pale gothic skin, soulful green-eyes. Wears an Orange shirt/hairbow, a light blue jeans, & red shoes when forced to. Otherwise she wears a black leather jacket, ripped black jeans, and converse shoes. She is also a little bit taller than David.

Trivia Edit

  • She wrote My Immortal.
  • Her favorite band is My Chemical Romance.
  • She dated Belladonna once.
  • She raped Annabella.
  • She is a Satanist.

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