"All Creatures Great & Dinky" is the twenty-sixth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie and Itchy, after being shrunken to mouse size, help a mother mouse named Moxie solve a pollution problem, which turns out to be caused by Carface and Killer.




  • At one point, Charlie makes a reference to one of the lyrics to the song "Pinball Wizard" from the Who's sung-through musical Tommy.
  • The episode's title is a spoof of the title All Creatures Great and Small.
  • When Moxie says everyone knows dogs don't dance, and Charlie corrects her with the word "cats," it is a reference to the movie Cats Don't Dance.
  • This is not only the last episode of Season 2, but also the last one with the longer intro with lower pitch, and the last time Charlie's fur is in certain colors.
  • It is never explained how Charlie, Itchy, and Moxie reached the bottom of the drain or got up the pipe for that matter.


  • When Moxie tells Charlie and Itchy to meet her family, her pouch (excluding the straps) turns gray like her fur for an instant and turns back to pink.
  • When Charlie, Itchy, and Moxie get into the stream of toxic paint, their feet (including Moxie's forefeet) and any body parts that have been under the surface still appear to be clean when they are above the surface. However, when paint falls onto Charlie's face, it stays there and on parts of his neck and shoulders.
  • When Carface, after getting hit by a toy airplane flown by Charlie at his head, asks Killer what the big idea is, the latter's muzzle is the same medium brown color is primary fur is.