Quotes from the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Charlie B. BarkinEdit

- Terrific.

- Itchy, You're a genius.

- You're colorblind.

- It's red.

- Don't think! From now on I'll think.

- No, I'm not on death row.

- What are you talking about? I haven't changed.


- Why what?

- WHAT?! Are you out of your mind?


- WHAT?! You mean I'm... I'm...


- That Carface, I'll kill him!

- (Sarcastically) Oh, that's just lovely. The clouds, the grass, the air...

- No Surprises.

- (Whispering) Itchy, I'm not a ghost, I'm not dead, now be quiet. I'm going to take my hand away from your mouth, and you've got to keep quiet, haven't you?

- WOULD YOU SHADDAP?! Itchy, I'm alive! Look, the ghost have fleas!

- Right.

- Yeah, we do!

- I hate Himalayas!

- Monster? Mmm. (Laughs)

- She's an orphan. She doesn't have any parents.

- Just as I thought. You have no compassion!

- So what?

- Yeah, bless Itchy.

- Kid, I'll help you find the lost city of Atlantis. Just please, PLEASE go to sleep!

- (laughs) Of course.

- WHAT?! You know he's a criminal.

- Oh, It was only a dream.

- What? WHAT?! Oh, great.

- What a beautiful little ticker! Come on, we're leaving!

- So did I.

- Well, Constantine may be the world's most dangerous frog, but he doesn't know who he's dealing with. I've got a power of my own. I'll go take on him right now. And there's nothing or nobody's that's going to stop me!

- I don't know!

- WHAT!?!

- Oh, that dirty rat!

- Oh squeaker. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.

- Yeah, it's me. How are you doing, kid?

- Listen, squeaker, I want you to do something for me. Look after Cody, will ya? You know, just while I'm gone. You've got a home now, and he doesn't have anybody.

- Ahem. Goodbye, little buddy.

- He'll be back.


- I'm sorry, boss. I've got dirt on my nose.

- You're such a grouch!

- Hey, I got him out.

- You're a mixed-up pup!

- (Whispering) Monster?

- No, ghosts don't have fleas.

- No, boss! We don't do that!


- Oh hey, look, there. See? A monster.

- Now, let's go home. Who knows what it eats?!

- Your hands are cold too.

- GRRRRR!! Try that again, and you... are... glue!

- Eww! It's ju... Please, leave me alone. Leave me alone!

- I-- I don't know.

- Ow! You're breaking my heart.

- I want you to know what happened to me? Let me tell you what happened to me. Judge Doom happened to me, with 50 of his thugs.

- COME ON!!!!


- Mr. Carface, can I go outside today?

- I'm an orphan.

- Oh, yes! Very much. Thank you.

- Dear God... Thank you so much for my new best friend Charlie. And thank you for sending him to rescue me. And God bless Mr. Itchy and God bless Charlie and all the kids at the orphanage: Jennifer, Bobby, Mary, Julie. And please let someone find my bottle. There's a message in it. Because running away isn't working. Amen. Oh, and please help me find a mommy and daddy.

- Do you think you could help me find a mommy and daddy?

- I have to go to the bathroom.

- Oh, Charlie, Eilonwy and Taran are really wonderful. They weren't upset about the wallet. They gave me real waffles with butter and syrup.

- Oh, do you think so?

- Goodbye?

- Oh, Charlie. I thought they shot you.

- I live with Charlie. He's my dog.

- Okay. How are you?

- Where are you going?

- Don't worry, Charlie. I will.

- Oh, Charlie, I'll miss you.

- Charlie, will I ever see you again?

- Then, goodbye Charlie. I love you.


- CHARLIE! Aww! Is it really you?

- Shut up!


- Morons! I'm surrounded by morons!

- I love that girl! Bring her back! Now!

- NOW!!

- If you want to do something right, you've got to do it yourself.

- A gun? What do you mean, a gun? What kind of gun?!

- A ray gun! (Evil Laughing)

- I don't want to hit the girl.


- Boys!

- It's him, boss. I don't get it! Look, Mr.Carface. I don't known nothing about this. We set him up for good!

- Surprise? What surprise, boss?

- Come on, boys! We've got a job to do: Carface wants you to get rid of Charlie.

- I knew I should've used the pliers!

Anyone ElseEdit




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