Quotes from every episode of All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.

"The Doggone Truth"Edit

  • Charlie: (Nervously quick answerd to Annabelle.) I overslept. Annabelle: (Sniffing from Charlie's answers.) [to Charlie Barkin] Liar, Liar, pants on fire! (Thunder, & lighting bolt strucked on Charlie's doggy tail butt then jumped electrocutedly.) Charlie: Yoww!!
  • Itchy:Ooochy-ahhie! That's smarts! CHARLIE!!!
  • Annabelle: Now, if you want to stay on Earth, you have to do a good deed. A real good deed. Until you do, I'm putting you on probation.
  • Sasha: Get your paws off of me! (She is thrown out of the Flea Bite.) A gentleman would never treat a lady like this.
    Carface: Whoever said you were a lady?
    Killer: Or that he was a gentleman? (Carface hits him.) Ow!
    Carface: Shut up!
    Charlie: Sasha! What happened?
    Sasha: Carface came and suggested some "improvements" for the club.
    Charlie: Like what?
    Sasha: Like kicking me out! He stole my place, Charlie!
    Charlie: That jerk! If only I'd been there!
    Sasha: Where were you?
    Charlie: There was a fire at the zoo, and I had to ice down the penguins!
    (Because this was a lie, and lying is bad, a lightning bolt strikes Charlie and makes him flip back near a cracked mirror.)
    Annabelle: Charles. (Charlie looks back at the mirror where Annabelle then appears.) You're on probation. You can't do, think, or say anything bad. That includes fibbing. Bye-bye.
    (She vanishes.)
    Charlie: Okay. The truth is... I was buying this cheeseburger, and it turned out that Killer was the-- Of course! Carface! That creep... got us in trouble so we'd be out of the picture. Let's check this out, Itch.
  • Killer: You always was a sucker for the ladies, boss. (Carface hits him on the head.) Ow!
    Carface: Never call me "sucker."
  • Annabelle: Charles.
    Charlie: Oh. Annabelle. Sneak up on a guy, why don't ya?
    Annabelle: Congratulations. That's not quite what I meant by "good deed," but you're off probation, angel. For now, anyway. Uh-huh.
    (She blows him a kiss, but before he can look, her image is replaced by his reflection.)

​"Field Trip"Edit

  • Annabelle: Teddy, you're not being very nice.
    Teddy: Who are you, and why don't you mind your own business? (pause) Huh?
    Charlie: Eh, I'd say this is our business. Wouldn't you agree, Teddy?

"Lance the Wonder Pup"Edit

"Puppy Sitter"Edit

  • Charlie: Hey there, bea-utiful. Care for a ride?
    Sasha: Oh, hello, Charlie. (More happily to see Itchy who is currently pulling a handcart with Charlie sitting on it.) Hi, Itchy.
    Itchy: (giggles) Hi, Sasha.
    Charlie: So, what do you say? You and me? A romantic ride through the park? Hmm?
    Sasha: (sighs instantly) Charlie, there is no "you and me." I'm looking for a sensitive dog.
    Charlie: I'm sensitive.
    Sasha: How can you say that when you use your best friend as a pack mule?
    Charlie: Oh, Itchy doesn't mind that, do ya, pal? (Notices that Itchy is heading someplace dangerous, but he can't help it.) Uh, Itch? You wanna slow down a bit?
    (He can't, so they're speeding down.)
    Sasha: Okay, I'll see you around, boys.
    Charlie: Uh, Itchy? Itchy!
    Itchy: Charlie! I can't stop!
    (They scream and crash into a stop sign.)
  • Annabelle: Good luck. Bonne chance.
  • Charlie: Okay, Itchy, I admit it. If it hadn't been for Sasha, I wouldn't have adopted the stupid kid in the first place!
    Sasha: Charlie Barkin! You are the most selfish, manipulating, insensitive mutt I have ever had the displeasure to know.
    Charlie: Wait. Wait. I can explain.
    Sasha: Using a tiny puppy just so you can impress a woman? Well, let me tell you, buster. I am not impressed!
    Charlie: Oh, but I, I, I...
    Sasha: I guess you were never a puppy, were you? Never helpless. Never scared and alone?
    Charlie: Well, uh, I never thought of it that way.
    Sasha: (sarcastically) Good night, Charlie Barkin!
    Charlie: Wait. Sasha. You're right! I've been a jerk! I'm... (Charlie trips over a multi-layered cart) I'm sorry.
    Itchy: Are you okay, Charlie?
    Charlie: I'll be better when we find that pup.

"An Itch in Time"Edit

Assistant Principal Tanborman: [to David] I don't believe a word, & study for the next 2 hours, Young man.

Itchy: (whispers) It's a school, Charlie! It's not a bad place.

Charlie: (Asks Itchy refering to Assistant Principal Tanborman monitors in the school hall with binoculars on him) Then what's the warden doing over there?

Assistant Principal Tanborman: (Spotted Charlie & Itchy in school hall lockers) Scat! Shoo! No dogs allowed in these scatter halls!

Charlie: (panting, & running angered) Who's he callin' "dirty"?!

Assistant Principal Tanborman: Going somewhere,... [Charlie & Itchy gasp with buzz, & blow horn sfx]...doggy?

"Mutts Ado about Nothing"Edit

  • Annabelle: You two have a wonderful friendship, but it's at stake right now. If you don't do something to save it, I will.
  • Annabelle: If you can't see the diamond because of its flaws, you must walk a mile on each other's paws.
    Charlie: I don't like this!
    Annabelle: Too bad. Until you can learn to appreciate each other, you're stuck with it.