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Quotes from the theatrical sequel All Dogs Go to Heaven 2.

Charlie B. BarkinEdit

- (Glared at Carface) Halo Polisher.

- (Fustrated) Annabelle! (then shouting) OF ALL THE ROTTEN TRICKS!!! [Pounds the bar set so hard]

- Nice digs, eh Itch?

- (Suprised) WHOA! She's got a "kid" kid.

- (To David) Holy dogs, actually.

- Why not ask him yourself?

- 1 miracle, coming up.

- That's 56 in doggy years.

- (To Sasha) No-no, you must have faith. Guardian angels moves in a mysterious way.

- I wouldn't want it however.

- Minor setback, Itch.

- (To Sasha) Hey, it's my 1st day on the job.

- Just a little... more... time.

- Of course she can, kiddo.

- I don't know, I never saw them again.

- Actually, I'd like being of Mr. Sasha.

Itchy ItchafordEdit

- (Discouraged) I'll never get back to heaven. Ohhhooo, shucks! (snortsly sighs sadly)

- Please, don't encourage him.

- (Embarrassed annoyingly) Oh, boy.

- Charlie, don't give away the "it!"

- I'm... gonna get you for this, Charlie!

- Aw! What do you me we're aren't going back? Look, we have Gabriel's Horn, don't we? Come on, Let's scram.

- Charlie, you're drive me crazy!

- Boy, if I'm so hungry, I could eat a shoe. How about you? I thought so. I'll be right back.

Sasha La FleurEdit

- (To Labrador MC rejectedly) Honey, I rather eat out of the garbage.

- Sorry. I've got a kid.

- What's going on here? And I want the truth.

- [After Sasha been tricked kissing by Charlie Barkin on the mouth succeededly] (Shoutingly scolds to Charlie, & Itchy) Of all the Arrogant, Presumptuous, EGOTISTICAL MUTTS LIKE I HAVE EVER MET!!

- And you know that's silly.

- (Paused shockingly) WHAT?! (To David) Don't listen to him!

- Come on, he's only 8-years-old.

- Oh, Please!

- (To Charlie) I don't known what you're up to, but I'm watching you.

- Hmph!


- Thanks, girl.

- You can talk?


- Come on, somebody's playing trick.

- You must be my guardian angle.

- My mom told me everyone has a guardian angle.

- (To Charlie) You tell her!

- Yeah, with my stepmom.

- No!


- Uh-uh! No way!

- Charlie, I'll go home.



- Cats?! (Laughs) Oh heavens, no!

- Have a bone!

- Go fish.

- (To David) QUIET, boy, or I'll have your tougne.


- Charlie, show some respect.

- My mistake.

- You got any 6s?

- Boss, they're escaping.


- Charles, you've been down there for almost 30 minutes. We're waiting.

- Charles! We have a traffic jam up here, new arrivals can't get in. We need the horn.

- Uh? Whoa! Wha-WHHAAAAAT!?!



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