• Ranger-X

    I remember these classic American films. I have more memories of the first movie than the second, mostly because I remember the singing alligator and the phrase "Big Lipped Alligator Moment" (which is a meme on YouTube these days). The only thing I remember about All Dogs 2 is Sasha La Fleur's musical scene where she is a tease to the other dogs but ironically says she wants nothing to do with them. lol

    The white vixen Duchess, in all her sexiness.

    One of my characters and my crush is my white anthropomorphic vixen character Duchess. She is very much like Sasha in that she can sing, she's beautiful and she is a tease with males. Her favorite things to do are hypnotize me with her eyes and wrap me in her long fluffy tail. Obviously Duchess is…

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  • Interstate2011

    More Members

    October 21, 2014 by Interstate2011

    There don't seem to be enough members or blog posts (none from anyone but me, anyway).

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  • Interstate2011
    1. Heather- "Charlie's Angle"
    2. T-Bone- "Charlie's Angle"
    3. Corky- "Charlie's Angle"
    4. The Blueshounds (however they should be known)- "Dog Eat Dog"

    (Should they all share the same article or each have a separate one?)

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  • Interstate2011


    March 22, 2014 by Interstate2011

    "Itchin' and a'Twitchin'" was in MGM Sing-Alongs: Being Happy

    I found this out on the IMDB when I was looking on Ashley Tisdale's page and found her on those volumes and found out that out of the TV series' songs, only "Itchin' and a'Twitchin'" has a sing-along version, while any and all other songs from the franchise used were from the first two films ("On Easy Street", "It's Too Heavenly Here", "Count Me Out", "I Will Always Be With You", "You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down", "Let's Make Music Together", and "What's Mine Is Yours").

    No wonder none of the other songs from the TV series got a sing-along.

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  • Interstate2011

    J.C. Taggart

    January 30, 2014 by Interstate2011

    About the dogcatcher in the TV series, which way is it?

    A. Do his initials include or exclude the periods?

    B. How's the last name spelled? Taggart, or Taggert, or what?

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  • Mousei11

    Fanart :P

    January 22, 2012 by Mousei11

    Yeah thats Charles

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