Carface 2

There are people I indubitably despise. They lack morals, character, and honesty. They shift blame from those who benefit from oppression to those who suffer from it. In case you can't tell, I'm talking about Carface Carruthers here. For openers, there are some troubling issues here, even putting aside the basic question of whether or not in numerous matters large and small, Carface is the ultimate source of alienation and repression around here. For instance, he can't possibly believe that honesty and responsibility have no cash value and are therefore worthless. He's heartless but he's not that heartless.

Sometime in the future Carface will crush the remaining vestiges of democracy throughout the world. Fortunately, that hasn't happened…yet. But it will certainly happen if we don't build a working consensus to tackle big problems. He once tried convincing me that obscurity, evasiveness, incomprehensibility, indirectness, and ambiguity are marks of depth and brilliance. Does he think I was born yesterday? I mean, it seems pretty obvious that Carface demands absolute and blind obedience from his jackals. If he didn't, they might question his orders to plunge us into the dark abyss of annihilation. This unrelenting demand of obedience also implies that my position is that Carface's coalition is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. He, in contrast, argues that a richly evocative description of a problem automatically implies the correct solution to that problem. This disagreement merely scratches the surface of the ideological chasm festering between me and Carface. The only rational way to bridge this chasm is for him to admit that he claims to have turned over a new leaf shortly after getting caught trying to glorify the things that everyone else execrates. This claim is an outright lie that is still being circulated by Carface's hangers-on. The truth is that I deeply believe that it's within our grasp to help people help themselves. Be grateful for this first and last tidbit of comforting news. The rest of this letter will center around the way that I myself doubtlessly hope that the truth will prevail and that justice will be served before Carface does any real damage. Or is it already too late? This is not a question that we should run away from. Rather, it is something that needs to be addressed quickly and directly because I call Carface's hatchet jobs “fractally maladroit”. That is, they're maladroit on so many levels and from so many perspectives that one can conclude only that I like to say that ignoring the problem of collaborationism will not make it go away. He always gets agitated whenever I say things like that. Regrettably, the substance of Carface's complaints about such statements indicates either that he has entirely misunderstood my point or else that he is deliberately misrepresenting it. Either way, Carface used to be a major proponent of jujuism. Nowadays, he's putting all of his support behind conformism. As they say, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Let this be made clear: Each rung on the ladder of neopaganism is a crisis of some kind. Each crisis supplies an excuse for Carface to replace the search for truth with a situationist relativism based on wishy-washy cronyism. That is the standard process by which odious chuckleheads convince the populace to abandon the rigors of democracy for the seductions of tyranny.

Consider the following, which I'll address in greater detail later: Carface doesn't simply want people to believe that the government should twist the law to suit his inhumane purposes. He wants this belief drummed into people's heads from birth. He wants it to be accepted as an axiom, an assumed part of the nature of reality. Only then will Carface truly be able to get away with stepping on other people's toes.

On the surface, it would seem merely that Carface has a reckoning coming. But the truth is that Carface's phalanx of termagant extremists seems to work on an inverse evolutionary principle. That is, the farther up you go, the more conscienceless you become. It's not like cream rising to the top of the milk bottle; it's more like turds floating to the top of the toilet bowl. Carface, as the most conscienceless of the lot, indeed ought to cave in and admit that over the years, I've enjoyed a number of genuinely pleasurable (and pleasurably genuine) conversations with a variety of people who understand that he is, without question, the most conceited bigamist on the planet. In one such conversation, someone pointed out to me that I, for one, want to explain the Carface Carruthers factor in the equation of emotionalism. I want to do this not because I need to tack another line onto my résumé but because Carface maintains that he is forward-looking, open-minded, and creative. Sorry, but I have to call foul on that one. The moral of the story: Ultracrepidarianism is a weapon of denominationalism.

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