Look at that ugly thing! It's weird and unnatural! KILL IT BEFORE IT BREEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Charlie the Hobo" is the dumbest episode of All Dogs Go to Crap: The Cash Grab.


Having discovered things that hobos can do that guys with jobs can't, which interests him, such as wearing rags and sleeping in boxcars, Charlie wishes to become a hobo. Meanwhile, Dumbledore assigns him and Itchy to return some notes to an absent-minded wizard named Gandalf, and gives them the Elder Wand. Of course, he gives it not to Charlie as before, but to Itchy this time because the latter knows they're only for fighting off Twilight fangirls. Charlie later convinces Itchy to give him the Elder Wand anyway, so he uses it to turn into a greasy hobo.

Useless StuffEdit

Especially according to the final episode "He Snarked, She Snarked," this is the third time Charlie misuses the Elder Wand, counting "Heaventh Inning Stench" and "Saruman's Cat-Astrophe."

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