Chief is the bigger good of All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series, being superior to Annabelle. He only appeared in Season 3's episodes "Charlie's Angle" and "He Barked, She Barked." In the former of the episodes, he has brown fur, whereas in the latter, his fur is gray. In neither episode is his face ever shown. He is shown to wear (purple) slippers when his feet are showing, making him one of very few animal characters to ever use footwear.

He was voiced (possibly) by Bob Newhart.


Charlie's AngleEdit

Upon having a discussion with Annabelle over whether or not to hire Charlie to teach three angel puppies-in-training just in order to gain responsibility, he refuses at first because he is a rogue, but upon her revealing that he does the right thing in the end, he agrees on the condition that she help.

It is shown that he and Annabelle were disguised as Carface and Killer, respectively, as they are using a fake machine that appears to make anyone who goes inside it turn nasty to try to teach Charlie the consequences of abusing authority, while the three angels-in-training have been graduate guardian angels all along; in an attempt to make sure he learns the lesson, he puts the three angels-in-training in charge of Charlie and get him to get things for them, yet he prefers to become nasty.

He Barked, She BarkedEdit

Chief is the judge over a case in which Belladonna is the prosecutor and Charlie is the defendant who is accused by Belladonna of supposedly "abusing his angelic position." This is when it came to Charlie choosing between saving a poor widow dog and a pile of T-bone steaks. At first, he decided to save the "widow dog," but when it turned out that was really Belladonna in disguise, apparently, he changed his mind.

After it was shown that the "widow dog" had been Belladonna all along, he is the one who opens a trap door under Belladonna's feet, sending her back down, and eventually, he dismisses the case, as they needed an angel like Charlie (as he had inner goodness).

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