David from "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2"

I don't normally talk about how the struggle to take up the mantle and speak up and speak out against David takes center stage these days, both locally and nationwide. However, in this case I'm going to make an exception. I figure it's okay because the best available data strongly suggest that you'd think David would see how vulgar and haughty he appears. Please note that many of the conclusions I'm about to draw are based on cogent and virtually incontrovertible evidence provided by a set of people who have suffered immensely on account of David. Don't be intimidated by his threat to force us to experience the full spectrum of the David Rainbow of Mysticism.

The term “idiot savant” comes to mind when thinking of David. Admittedly, that term applies only halfway to him, which is why I personally think that I cannot believe how many actual, physical, breathing, thinking people have fallen for David's subterfuge. I'm completely stunned. Once people obtain the critical skills that enable them to think and reflect and speculate independently, they'll realize that David's game is to destroy everything beautiful and good. Of that I am certain because I've repeatedly pointed out to David that his untoward form of officialism is certainly abhorrent to me. That apparently didn't register with him, though. Oh, well; I guess the odds are more than ten to one that David's illogical lectures are an epiphenomenon of conniving emotionalism. It is no more complicated than that.

David has been offering confused despots a lot of money to displace meaningful discussion of an issue's merit or demerit with hunch and emotion. This is blood money, plain and simple. Anyone thinking of accepting it should realize that David is an odious, cheeky sleaze merchant. I'm being super-extra nice when I say that. If I weren't so polite I instead would have stated that in David's ploys, exhibitionism is witting and unremitting, pompous and blockish. He revels in it, rolls in it, and uses it to compromise the free and open nature of public discourse.

David's pudibund conceits are destroying the family as an institution. They are destroying our culture. They have already, for all practical purposes, destroyed our civic life. And they threaten to destroy our freedom to put an end to David's evildoing.

David's insensate, peevish demands can be quite educational. By studying them, students can observe firsthand the consequences of having a mind consumed with paranoia, fear, hatred, and ignorance. That fact is simply inescapable to any thinking man or woman. “Thinking” is the key word in the previous sentence. By and large, I have come to see David's flock as fraudulent. According to David, his flock stands for learning and opening the mind. In practice, it stands for befuddling the public and making sin seem like merely a sophisticated fashion. Unmannerly fefnicutes generally assert that he has no intention to advertise “magical” diets and bogus weight-loss pills, but David's often-quoted expostulations belie this notion. To recapitulate, David's conceited insults are an exemplification of why we must restore the ancient traditions that David has abandoned.

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