David from "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2"

David is a boy who is introduced in All Dog Go To Heaven 2. He is only 8 years old "56 in dog years" (according to Charlie) who lost his real mother. Now he has a stepmother and, disappointed about it, flees home. Now living under the care of Sasha, he has an interest in magic and earning money from Cannery Square (Easy Street), a tourist attraction spot where people perform. Now he was determined to work there for a living and had Charlie on his side as his Guardian Angel, although, as you can see, plans don't go as they at first seem.

Biography Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian, a red jacket with white sleeves, blue pants, and sneakers.


In All Dogs Go To Heaven 2Edit

David serves as the tritagonist of the film. He is a runaway boy under the care of Sasha La Fleur until the truth about his being away from home is revealed.

In The SeriesEdit

David has a smaller role in the show in cameos.

In "An Itch In Time"Edit

David receives a voice recorder from his dad on his birthday, as Charlie and Itchy bump into it with him on the streets the following morning. However, David shows off his new gadget in school, thus receiving detention. Charlie wants to give David a great birthday. Using David's voice recorder, Charlie creates an impromptu David look-alike with the voice recorder repeatedly saying mathematical equations and sneaks him out of detention.

In "Magical Misery Tour"Edit

David is the magician... again.

In "Miss Guidance"Edit

David has a minor role. He finds Charlie in the schoolyard and his friendly female classmate Alex in despair because she is looking for her science notes. After this scene, he is no longer seen until the big test.

In "History of All Dogs"Edit

David has to write a report on dogs though he finds them boring, so, as he is tired, Charlie (with help from Itchy) makes up a story about how dogs saved the world. Although he finishes, it turns out it is Saturday, so David decided to write his own report.


  • David & Anne-Marie have never been seen, nor even met each other before either in San Fransisco, California (from second movie), or at New Orleans, Louisiana (from first movie), However they might make a possibly lovely perfect sweet couple, have someplace private honeymoon sex, & have future kids of thier own family together, someday. 
  • Many viewers of the second movie called David a poor replacement for Anne-Marie.
  • David's voice sounds different from the episode "History of All Dogs." This is because his voice actor, Adam Wylie, was going through adolescence at the time.