"Dogfaces" is the second episode of the third season of All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series.

According to this plot, Annabelle has sent Charlie and Itchy to a military base for two reasons: one is to teach a young boy named Matt how to have fun, and the other is for Charlie to learn to respect authority.

Guest CharactersEdit

Sergeant Yorkie - voiced by R. Lee Ermy



This is obviously the second time Annabelle appears to anyone who is neither an angel nor "has anything to do with Heaven", as in the end, Annabelle appears to the Terrier Sergeant. The first time was in "Field Trip" in which she (though, for the most part, she is in mortal form taking Itchy's place at the time) appears (though mortally) in front of Teddy, though she does disappear in his presence at the time.

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