"Fearless Fido" is an episode of the television series, in which Itchy has to learn to conquer his fears. This particular fear is of Ferris wheels because back when he was a puppy, he went on a Ferris wheel with his then-girlfriend, a poodle named Lilly who was shaking the handlebar of the wheel's car, and unintentionally, in an attempt to save her, he failed and she fell, so she dumped him, and he doesn't want the same to happen with Bess. Of course, because of a hypnosis spell that wasn't meant to be aimed at Itchy, but it gets him, Itchy only becomes brave when he hears the word "chicken," but when his actual name is said, it wears out.

Guest CharactersEdit


  • It is unknown who did the voice of Itchy as a puppy.
  • It is ironic that Itchy wore a red cap as a puppy because in a later episode, "When Hairy Met Silly," it was said that Charlie gave the red cap to him after they met.
  • Not counting then-future episode "Charlie the Human," this is the second time Charlie or any of the dogs talks to a human adult, the first being the second film.

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