Free Nelly is the first episode of the third season of All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series and the first whose intro was a shortened and modulated version, with the closing credits containing video clips. In this episode, Annabelle "grants Charlie and Itchy their wish to go to the circus" by sending them on a mission to videotape evidence about rumors that certain circus animals are being turned into household appliances, especially the titular elephant Nelly.

The episode is a play on the film Free Dick.


Charlie and Itchy desire to go to the circus, and Annabelle reveals, in a way they don't have in mind, that they are getting their wish. Instead of R&R (rest and relaxation), it is, in fact, a mission, as usual. Annabelle sends them to the circus to investigate to see if certain rumors about the circus animals being turned into household appliances are true, but they have to be undercover, so they disguise as peanut-eating rednecks.

When Charlie has Itchy record the evidence that the ringmaster, Colonel Dijon, is transforming the animals into TVs and microwaves, especially the elephant bitch Nelly, mistakenly, Charlie does a sex act. Because that was added, Charlie hesitates and changes his plans due to a thought of Annabelle laughing at the blowjob.

(More to come.)

Episode's CharactersEdit

  • Colonel Dijon- the main antagonist. He is the head of Le Cirque Sadist.
  • Nelly- the titular tritagonist. She is the circus elephant who is transformed into a television.
  • Norm and Bambella- Colonel Dijon's followers and the secondary antagonists.
  • Officer Switzer- the tertiary antagonist, though unlike the other adversaries, he is not a villain, though he believes certain things are against certain animal control codes. His first name is Fuckface.
  • Sabu- a lion and one of the circus animals.
  • Pink Horse

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