Gabriel's Horn is attempts to pass through the Pearly gates using the music they perform in order to open it by only dogs, it's once invested by Kendall's grandfather, Gabriel Angeles and belong to Annabelle, the head angel in Heaven with a large glass and table protection to welcome the Angel dogs enter the Heaven.

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Gabriel's horn

All Dogs go to Heaven 2 Edit

Gabriel's Horn is the first musical instrument to music to play by put the lips together and blow, it makes the Pearly Gates glowing and to be opened by the music. Gabriel's horn kept locked in a glass vase for protection.

Without the horn, the Pearly Gates can't be opened, and no dogs go to heaven, but Gabriel Angeles kept his horn in Heaven, which his arch-enemy, Red, tried to use the horn for empty dog angels from heaven, and take over the world.

To defeat Red, with water and play horn when free angels, and send Red back to his world, Gabriel Angeles and Beverly Bowlers defeated him from 57 years ago.

Gabriel Angeles passed away, his knowledge of his youngest granddaughter, Kendall.