"Heaventh Inning Stench" is a crappy episode of All Dogs Go To Hell: The Sirius. The title seems to be a lame play on "Seventh Inning Fetch".


Snoop Dogg assigns Charlie McBarkins and Itchy von Scratchy to help a boy named Frodo (last name believed to be Baggins so far) get on a Calvinball team, and it has to be done for Itchy to get back to Disneyland, but Charlie wants him to stay with him so they can have lots of gay doggy sex, so Charlie teaches the Dark Arts to Frodo. When Charlie confesses this to Itchy, it doesn't turn out the way he wants it, as Itchy gets angry and rapes him for keeping him from getting back to Disneyland.

The next day, Charlie confesses his sexual escapades to Frodo, making him turn into a pink rooster, as then is the day he tries out for the team. Because of this, Charlie turns himself and Itchy into buff hunks with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in order to help Frodo do it right in front of the pimp and the other hookers. After this, Frodo is accepted on the team and the other sluts invite him for sex. Because of this help, Snoop Dogg takes Itchy back to Disneyland with Mickey, and Charlie feels like he can be all right fucking Sasha silly day and night instead.

However, after some time, Charlie feels lonely playing World of Warcraft. Donald Trump appears as an image on the screen. When he asks Charlie why he didn't ask Itchy to fuck, he says it is because he (Itchy) would have, and that would have made Charlie feel bad. Donald Trump apparently cries (though no goffik tear of blood tear is shown) of happiness over him saying "the most sexy thing I've ever heard you say". She then sends an invisible Itchy back down to Earth, explaining how, when Charlie faps again, his penis randomly bounces in midair and shoots magic cum. Itchy, while loving Space Mountain, does admit to erectile dysfunction, especially because Charlie isn't having red hot dog sex with him there.


This is one of three million times when, according to the episode "He Barked, the Swedish Chef Bork Bork Borked", Charlie eats a miracle dog tag, the others being "Charlie's Sex-Tastrophe" and "Charlie the Ugly Human". Although this episode is from the first season, it was used as porn, counting "Charlie's Sex-Astrophe", which is from the sexy season.

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