Tommy Dinkins
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.09.14 pm
Wassup, bitches? I is a hellhound LOL!
Vital statistics
Gender Shemale
Species Pink Hellhound (Canis hellhoundius)
Status Cyborg
Age 17
Family Charlie B. Barkin (father)

Itchy Itchiford (mother) Annabelle (aunt) Belladona (wife) David (son)

Friends Willy Wonka, Ozzy Osbourne
Enemies Sir Christopher Lee
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven
Voiced by Justin Bieber
Tommy Dinkins, also known as The Hellhound is a fat loser that resides in Wisconsin . His goal is to get Charlie's shoe. He appears after Charlie has a nightmare where he is flying through Disneyland and gets sucked into a sex dungeon by a magic clown from outer space where Jack Sparrow's pirate ship emerges from the kitchen sink and catches him and Barbossa feels him up and later Tommy Dinkins finally emerges from the pirate ship pooping out little turds that attack Charlie. He is later seen escorting Charlie to Anne-Marie's new car for his last orgy to her. Afterwards beckons him, but is then vanquished by Sir Christopher Lee who claims his soul for heaven after giving his shoe for Anne-Marie and never appears again.



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