"It's Gotta Come from the Cock" is the song featured in the All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series episode "Cyrano de Barkinac." It is sung by Charlie to Itchy about how he should treat the latter's fuckbuddy Barack Obama.


You need ass!
You'll be fuckin'!
He might pass
If you're teeny
Don't give it all away and fart.

You need jizz
When you're cummin'
And panache,
But that's nuttin'!
To get Obama is a sexy art.

You got to show him
Your big boner!
Let him be the one that's panting!
Take it from me!
You're not humping up the wrong tree!

And when it feels hot,
Then don't delay it!
Build up your load and then you blow it.
Right in Obama's butt,
It's gotta come from the cock.

Maybe you'll win him
With your big fucking boner
Munching on balls and shaft.
Bring him a dildo
And really bow-wow him
With some hardcore sodomy.

And when the fornication's dragging,
You've got to set his fat dick wagging.
When push comes to shove,
To get a smokin' hot love...

You've got to give him
Something precious
It's the cum
that refreshes.
Right from the start,
It's gotta cum from the
Right from the start.
Not just a part of you.
Right from the start,
It's gotta cum from the cock.

Right from the cock.

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