Kendall (her real name's Kendralla Marie Angeles) is the main tritagonist in this film as the youngest granddaughter of Gabriel Angeles and Beverly Bowlers, the five child and youngest daughter of Edward and Elisabeth, younger sister of five children: Stephanie, Richard, Daniel, and Emily. She's originally owner of Kaylah Spencer and Katherine. She's also the grandmother of her only granddaughter, Kelly, who lived with Kaylah's human descendant, Kayla in Dragon Ball Z.


Kendall Angeles is an ugly Mary Sue who was ripped off from Bratz. We all hate that freaking clod with a burning passion that cannot be rivaled by a thousand suns.

Biography Edit

Kendall was the youngest daughter of King Edward and Queen Elisabeth, the younger sister of Stephanie, Richard, Daniel, and Emily as the royal Angeles family. She's also the youngest granddaughter of Gabriel Angeles and Beverly Bowlers. Ien the beginning, she's learned about her grandfather's magical horn known as Gabriel's Horn kept in heaven in many years with Annabelle after her grandfather and grandmother was both passed away at the Heaven with her parents, siblings and Annabelle and she's heard about the Spencer Clan Massacre by Babidi, Dabura, Pui-Pui and Super Buu from 500 years ago, then the one day, her grandfather's arch-enemy, Red, attack and killed her entire family in front of her inside her royal manor home, but she's escaped away from him and meet Kaylah as a preteen, teenager and adult, she died at the last battle with Super Buu for the last time and passed away at the heart virus to protect her daughter and now they both raised by her Kaylah's close friend, Bobby until Katherine reach her teen years in San Francisco, California.

All Dogs go to Heaven 2 Edit

Kendall was grew up as a kitten as she lived with Kaylah Spencer died with her last stand battle by Super Buu and heart virus at age 32, when she's been raised by Kaylah's daughter, Katherine at the age 7 and they both raised by Kaylah's close friend, Bobby moved and lived in San Francisco, California. Katherine grew up as a sweet and tomboyish teenager with her 11 friends and boyfriend, Michael about to celebrate her 17th birthday, she meets Sasha La Fleur in the lounge. They're become close friends at the first time, til they meet Charlie and Itchy and also she's meet a teenage (19-year-old) tan white cat with blue eyes named Jason Watson at the lounge after she's accidentally kiss him front of the dogs cheering and applause at the true love, which she showed her attractive appearance and bright smile at him, make Jason falling in love with her and leaving with Sasha.

So, she runs off with Sasha, leaving Charlie, Jason and Itchy to go follow her and Sasha. When Charlie, Jason and Itchy step place in a small ditch. Sasha appears and ends up growling at the three and notices Charlie she gets angry. Charlie gives her the food she forgot and she thanks him kindly but is insecurely kind of embarrassed and happily see Jason again. Charlie ask if she'd like some company with that food, she tells him sorry because she has a "kid." Charlie thinks she has pups, but really Sasha had a human kid she was caring for who ran away from home named David. David is the half younger step brother of Michael, who's Katherine's boyfriend. David is able to talk to Charlie and Itchy but not Sasha until Charlie uses his miracle by sneak kissing her to get her able to talk to David too. She disgusts and snaps out, and then David overhears it, so she feels embarrassed and left confused. She learns Charlie is an angel by forcing him to tell her the truth on who he is. Charlie and Itchy was the best friends of Kendall's late grandparents, Gabriel Angeles and Beverly Bowlers.

Later on she, Jason and Sasha questions Itchy why is Charlie taking so long in the police department and what's it all about. Itchy refuses to tell her and he and Charlie knows her grandfather and grandmother well from 57 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana as they were teenagers, but when Charlie reappears and says they have to bust the horn out she questions what he means by "it." Itchy tells Charlie not to say it, but he does anyways she's already knows that's her grandfather's magical horn in Heaven with Annabelle for years and told Charlie and Itchy to revealed that she's the youngest granddaughter of Gabriel Angeles and Beverly Bowlers. She is seen helping the boys and Sasha escape with the horn and out of the police station.

When David is performing his talent "On Easy Street," Sasha's not that interested considering she thought it was a bad idea in the first place, but she goes along with it. Jason and her to meets Katherine and boyfriend, Michael with their 11 friends in a group as the new American Team again at the docks to watch David's performance. But soon as his talent act is ruined, they all go under a bridge for shelter from the rain, she twirls his hair around, and David reminds her his mom used to do that same thing. While Itchy and David are chowing on food, Sasha notices that Charlie's upset and walks where he's at to comfort him by saying he's doing a good job taking care of David. Kendall confesses, and tells Jason everything about her origins and that she's not Katherine's guardian angel, but she's a half-Angel and half-cat hybrid sent from Heaven to catch a horn for promise her grandparents, Gabriel and Beverly were the friends of Charlie, Itchy, her parents, siblings and Annabelle and royal to Annabelle.

Kendall sees how disappointed she is cause she found somebody special and be truly loved. She feels sorry for Jason and she instantly develops her romantic feelings for Jason and sings a love song implying that no matter where he goes, she'll always be with him by side with her. Once the song ends and soon as she and Jason are about to kiss, she disappears before her leaving him in shock to show him to her true herself. When she transforms back into her beautiful angelic ghostly self at night, the two share a short-lived reunion, with Jason telling her to come to meet him there everything and explaining with Itchy and stop Red to take over the world for use her grandfather's magical horn.

When Charlie and Itchy's collar soon fades away making them ghost again, Itchy, Jason and Kendall follows a desperate Charlie to Red's shop, only to witness Red as he really is: his true himself. Red captured her as his prisoner in the front of her friends and took her to the Alcatraz Island to sealing her in a large crystal orb. She asked him why are he is doing this and learn his evil plans.

Red revealed to her about her grandfather, Gabriel and her grandmother, Beverly defeated him from many years ago and that's why he's murdered her family to get her is take her life force energy and angelic powers to play horn to take over the world and hire Super Buu to kill Katherine and Michael.

Red uses the horn to suck all dogs (including Annabelle) from heaven and into each cell which grants him tremendous power before the island itself sinks down into a giant whirlpool and feels weaker due to Red's spell that drains her life energy and angelic powers transferring into himself as powerful and stronger state, thus nearby killing her.

She touches the ground out of Red's crystal orb and laying on the ground unconscious. Before she dies, she tells Jason that she truly loves him and dies in Jason's arms.

Heartbroken and enraged, Jason angrily demanded Red to bring Kendall back to life and return her powers, but Red refuses and only promises to bring her back if Jason and Charlie succeeds to defeat him with water.

Jason engages in an intense fight against Red, who turns into the "Giant form" state once more, and overpowers him, nearly killing Jason.

Charlie notices how badly Red reacts to water when a sink faucet brakes and sprays water all on him. Once the horn was in his possession, Charlie and Jason goes on top of the prison building after being instructed to play the horn from Annabelle with Red following him and Jason close behind. With Red slowing him down, Charlie and Jason gets on top of a water tower and tricks him into making contact with the whirling water, knocking him back down. Suddenly, Red's lower half of his body begins to sink down into hell through a big crack in the floor, as he tries to resist, he is soon defeated as Charlie blows the horn, freeing all the heavenly dogs, returning Kendall's powers and damning Red to hell permanently.

The spell was broken over her and Kendall comes back to revived with her life force energy and angelic powers restored. Jason says that he truly loves her for her courage, brave and kindness and he always truly loved her for that.

At the end of the film, Jason and Kendall were married at the young age and they have become future king and queen of the kingdom (Jason and Kendall's parents were thrilled as they make an agreement).

Before going to the moonlight bridge, Jason and Kendall had made a promise to love each other for the rest of their lives and romantically kiss as the credits start to roll. Kendall and Jason became the beloved parents, giving birth a daughter named Alyssa, and become the only grandmother of Kelly.

Personality Edit

Kendall has share similar personalities with Princess Odette from the Swan Princess movies: they both are kind, gentle and sweet to everyone she loves and cares about. She is very kind, brave, pure heart, and courageous when faced with dangerous situations and is not afraid to speak her mind, but proves to be very resilient as most characters, having forgiven him for it.

She is the only one who can change into a cat by day and regain her angelic ghost form by night.

As future queen of the fair kingdom, Kendall can do anything to protect her husband and future king, Jason and her only daughter and future princess, Alyssa, and her only granddaughter, Kelly.

As queen of the fair kingdom, Kendall had a good leadership (like her grandfather and father did in the first movie) and has a duty it is her job to protect her kingdom from her enemies once King Jason had defeat Red (who cast a spell on her, wishes to use her life force energy and her angelic powers and rule her father's kingdom to imprisoned her).

Appearance Edit

Kendall is a beautiful white fur and pink fur slender, short and slim figure cat as the teenage 18-year-old. She also has white maroon hair, which blends in with her lovely coat with black leather jacket and sling purse. She has big beautiful blue eyes, a tiny star beautry mark on her right cheek and red lipstick which catches the eyes and hear her most beautiful voice of male cat: Jason. Overall, she is a very attractive and young beautiful cat. She's bears a striking resemblance to her mother, she have the inherited angelic beautry of her mother and her father's blue eyes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kendall has the magical angelic powers, include:

  • *Enhanced hearing
  • *Night vision
  • *Enhanced stamina
  • Flight
  • Invisibility
  • Intangibility
  • Astral Projection
  • Mediumship
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Force-Field Generation
  • Dimensional Transportation
  • Super Speed
  • Teleportation
  • Healing
  • Animal empathy", as she is able to talk to animals, fishes, cats and dogs.
  • She is a also skilled little cat and can hold her breath underwater for a very long time and glowing light her body.

Relationships Edit

Charlie B. Barkin

Itchy Itchiford

Sasha La Fleur








Her parents and siblings








Carface Carruthers


Trivia Edit

  • Voice actress and singer - Selena Gomez
  • Child actress voice - Samantha Bailey

Gallery Edit

Pictures of Kendall Angeles:

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