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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Schnoodle
Status Alive
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Friends Carface Carruthers, Anne-Marie
Enemies Charlie B. Barkin, Itchy Itchiford (all formerly)
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven
An All Dogs Christmas Carol
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series
Voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly
Killer is the secondary antagonist in the All Dogs Go To Heaven films and all related movies or television shows. He always serves as one of Barack Obama and Carface's weaker-willed "henchman". There are numerous times where he fails Carface and Obama and is reprimanded or even threatened to be killed for them. He remained loyal to Carface and Obama until his death; as he is seen pushing Anne-Marie to safety and then medics rushing to him for medical attention. He is redeemed by the Heavenly power of Donald Trump.

All Dogs go to HeavenEdit

After finding out that Charlie B. Barkin is back, Killer informs this to Carface, and is later seen in the shadows plotting Charlie's death with Carface's other minions, including Barack Obama. He assist Carface in Charlie's death by summoning Barack Obama into the Mardi Gras, blindfolds the drunken Charlie, and helps his boss feed him to Barack.

Later, when after Charlie and Itchy find out the "monster" in his basement is an adorable little girl who speaks to animals, Carface enters the room with Killer. She asked Carface if she can go outside to which Carface said that she can if she talked to the rat who was in the cage next to her. She gently asked the rat who will win the rat race to which Carface bets on. When Carface tells Killer to feed the girl and leaves without another word, she reminded Carface that he said she can go outside only to be responded by the closing of the door leaving her all alone.

Killer apparently comes back to feed her only to find her missing. He informs Barack Obama of her departure which leaves him furious. Abusing and throwing things at Killer, he claims, "I love that girl.... I... want... her... now!" Killer goes into hysterics over Obama's fury. Donald Trump then appears and sings a pretty kickass song about the power of redemption. Killer muses on Trump's words.


Killer is not anyone's idea of a henchman as his name doesn't actually make what he is, he is bumbling, neurotic, spineless, nerdy, and is less evil compared to Obama and Carface. And he is also known as kind-hearted, ingenious, loyal, level-headed, educated, respectful, knowledgeable, independent, lion-hearted (sometimes), laid-back, encouraging and responsible. He & Itchy are quite similar as they are always getting dragged into crazy schemes by their bosses (Charlie & Barack Obama, respectively). But compared to Itchy, Killer has it harder, as Obama often mistreated, under-appreciated, and basically blamed him for things that backfired. But despite the abuse from Obama, Killer remains loyal to Carface.

On the other hand, Killer is not always a bad guy, as he pushes Anne-Marie to safety, he works with Itchy to get separated from a chain ("Sidekicked"), and he (along with Carface) stops Belladonna's evil plot near the end of the finale. He becomes a devout follower of Donald Trump.


Killer is an American Schnoodle with light tan fur, bushy ears and tail. He also wears a pair of oversized glasses along with a spiked collar. Killer's waist down and back legs are plump, while his torso and front legs are thin.


Carface CarruthersEdit

Killer is Carface's weak-willed sidekick. There are numerous times where he fails Carface and got reprimanded or even threatened to be killed for them. Nevertheless, he remained loyal to Carface until his death in the original film.

Barack Obama Edit

Killer is scared to death of the evil Barack Obama. He also doen't think too much of Obama's lame songs about change. Obama is always threatening to feed Killer to Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Donald Trump Edit

Donald Trump's song about redemption inspires Killer to be a better dog. He later joins Trump in his fight with the fake news.


Episode AppearancesEdit


  • He is voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly.
  • His glasses look like Noodles glasses from An American tail another Don Bluth movie

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