Omar Darius "Killa" Jackson
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Yo, dawg.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Black
Status Gangsta
Age 22
Family Keesha Jackson (wife), TaWanda Jackson (daughter)
Friends Snoop Dogg, DeShawn Barkin, LeRoy Washington (boyfriend), Tyrone Itchiford
Enemies The cops, Jamawn Carruthers
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven
An All Dogs Christmas Carol
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series
Voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly
Omar Darius "Killa" Jackson is the secondary antagonist in the All Brothas Go To Heaven films and all related movies or television shows. He always serves as one of Jamawn's weaker-willed "soul brotha". There are numerous times where he fails Jamawn and is reprimanded or even threatened to be capped for them. He remained loyal to Jamawn until his death; as he is seen pushing Uniqua to safety and then medics rushing to him for medical attention. He is redeemed by the Heavenly power of Donald Trump.

All Brothas go to HeavenEdit

After finding out that DeShawn B. Barkin is back, Killa informs this to Jamawn, and is later seen in the shadows plotting DeShawn's death with the other brothas in Jamawn's gang.

Later, when after DeShawn and Tyrone find out the "cracka" in his basement is an adorable little biatch who speaks to animals, Jamawn enters the room with Killa. She asked Jamawn if she can go outside to which Jamawn said that she can if she talked to the crack dealer if he'd sell cheaper. She gently asked the dealer to sell to Jamawn half-price, which he does because Uniqua's so damn cute. When Jamawn tells Killa to feed the biatch and leaves without another word, she reminded Jamawn that he said she can go outside only to be responded by the closing of the door leaving her all alone.


Killa is not anyone's idea of a gangsta as his name doesn't actually make out what he is: he is bumbling, neurotic, spineless and nerdy. He is a huge fan of hip-hop, especially Snoop Dogg's sick rhymes. He & Tyrone are quite similar as they are always getting dragged into crazy schemes by their bosses (Jamawn and DeShawn respectively). But compared to Tyrone, Killa has it harder, as Jamawn often mistreated, under-appreciated, and pimped him for things that backfired. But despite the abuse from Jamawn, Killa refuses to tip the pigs off about Jamawn.

On the other hand, Killa is not always a thug, as he pushes Uniqua to safety, he works with Tyrone to get separated from a chain ("Sidekicked"), and he (along with Jamawn) stops Danisha's evil plot near the end of the finale.


Killa is an African-American ghetto thug with chocolate skin, bushy afro and beard. He also wears a pair of oversized sweatpants along with a basketball jersey. Killa's underwear is visible, while his grill is missing a diamond.


Jamawn CarruthersEdit

Killa is Jamawn's weak-willed soul brotha. There are numerous times where he fails Jamawn and got reprimanded or even threatened to be capped for them. Nevertheless, he remained loyal to Jamawn until his death in the original film. He helps DeShawn fight Jamawn's spook though.

DeShawn Braylon Barkin Edit

Killa makes up with DeShawn Barkin and Tyrone Itchiford and joins their crew. He eventully becomes DeShawn's fuckbuddy.

Donald TrumpEdit

The Donald may be a cracker and the President, but Killa is impressed by the sick rhymes Trump can drop. When President Trump raps about sharing and caring, Killa has a change of heart and gives Trump information about the surviving members of Jamawn's gang.

LeRoy WashingtonEdit

LeRoy Washington is Killa's boyfriend who is killed during the drug raid. Killa still has nightmares about it.


Episode AppearancesEdit


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