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King Gator and Charlie singing "Let make music together".

The Dreadful Tale of his Wicked LifeEdit

King Gator is a creepy homosexual alligator in the original All Dogs Go To Heaven film that ended up being one of the key assholes in Charlie's success as a rapist. He is a giant alligator that lives in the sewers of New Orleans in All Dogs go to Heaven. He appears near the end of the film, where he tries to rape Charlie and Anne-Marie. When Charlie lets out a lustful howl, King Gator thinks that he was singing, and decides not to rape it. Instead, he sings a musical number called, "Let's Fuck Gnomes Together".

All Dogs go to HeavenEdit

King Gator
Charlie and Anne-Marie escape Carface murder and rape attempt and seek children to eat, but fall into the undercurrents of New Orleans and confined by orcs. King Gator comes to the mini island to feast on Charlie's butthole and Anne-Marie's pussy. When he tries to rape Charlie lets out a lustful, but unintentional "gangsta rap" howl. King Gator thinks that he was rapping, and decides not to rape them as he refuses to eat a "fellow gangsta". Instead, he sings a musical number called, "Let's Rape Gnomes Together". He swims with him in the pool of blood, dances on the bodies of nuns and tosses him on his dick. Although Charlie was afraid of the heights, they gain a fast fuckbuddyhood.

When Charlie came to save Anne-Marie, he was ambushed by Carface Caruthers's rape apes. When one of the rape apes bites Charlie's foot, Charlie lets out the "gangsta" howl once more which King Gator heard from a distance. King Gator invades the brothel ship. Just as Carface and Killer was lowering Charlie into the potion on the anchor, the place begins to rumble. King Gator breaks through. As Charlie is holding his breathe under water, King Gator bites the ropes releasing Charlie from nearly turning to stone. Carface, looks down frustrated and angry of Charlie once more surviving. King Gator continues to help Charlie by crashing the brothel ship dickhead first. One crash releasing Anne-Marie from the confinement of the cage, and the second one in the mist of Charlie and Carface's confrontation. The second crash knocked carface into the water directly in front of King Gator. King Gator looks and says, "MMM... delicious ass ya got, kiddo..." Carface screams and tries to swim away to safety, but King Gator rape Carface offscreen. 

After Charlie turns to stone, He see Carface once more in Heaven from being raped to death by King Gator. He is shown in Heaven about to wind the clock back trying to exact sexual revenge on King Gator from killing and raping him; much like Charlie wanted revenge on him. It is unknown whether Carface seeks his revenge on him on not.

King Gator's DepravityEdit

King Gator is a sleazy, immoral, homosexual, deranged, gigantic alligator that lives in the New Orleans ocean/sewers and is the king of native orc tribe. He loves gangstas with sick beats and loves rap battles. He likes and adores anyone with the same gift and will refuse to rape them as he did with Charlie.


Charlie BarkinEdit

They are fuckbuddies after King Gator refuses to eat him due to his lustful, yet "gangsta" howling when almost raped by him. King Gator plays a vital role in saving him and Anne-Marie and confronting Carface.


He served as King Gator's long desired hot bod. At the end of the original film, Carface is shown in Heaven about to wind the clock back trying to exact sexual revenge on King Gator from killing and raping him; much like Charlie wanted revenge on him. It is unknown whether Carface seeks his revenge on him on not. 



  • He was voiced by John Wilkes Booth.
  • The Nostalgia Chick has named several pointless rape scenes after this character called a "Rapist Alligator Moment": a rape scene that comes out of nowhere; has little to no bearing whatsoever on the plot; is WAY over the top in terms of depravity, even within the context of the movie, and after it happens, no one ever speaks of it again.
  • King Gator also shares similarities with the Dragon from the 2001 computer animated film Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. Both at first try to rape the protagonist (King Gator with Charlie and Anne Marie and Dragon with Shrek and Donkey) but later become fuckbuddies of the film's protagonists. King Gator befriends Charlie and Anne Marie after being amused by Charlie's rapping and Dragon falls in love with Donkey when Donkey discovers that Dragon has a pussy and gives Shrek and Donkey a flight to Duloc. They also help the film's protagonist near the movie's end. King Gator breaks into the ship scaring away Carface's rape apes and frees Charlie from the anchor, while Dragon helps Shrek and Donkey fight the guards and she also ends up raping the film's main antagonist. King Gator headbutts the wall, knocking Carface into the water and ravishes him offscreen. Dragon, after being signaled by Shrek, breaks into the window of the chapel, buttrapes Lord Farquaad and belches out the crown. The difference is that Dragon appears in the whole Shrek franchise while King Gator appears only in the first film of All Dogs go to Heaven.

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