"La Snoop Dogg Vita" is an episode of the television series.

Belladonna makes her first appearence in the episode, "La Snoop Dogg Vita". She acts as Annabelle "undercover" to meet with her two recruits Carface and Cthulhu at a meat packing plant. Though Annabelle appears and the deception is revealed, Charlie gives into Belladonna's offer of an easier way to life and all the bitches he can rape. Itchy tries to talk Charlie out of joining her side but is raped by Belladonna and strapped to become dog food. She tells Charlie to pull the lever to send him to his doom as a final test to prove Charlie's commitment to sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Charlie refuses to rape his best friend and saves Itchy, sending Carface and Killer through the machine to get raped. Enraged, Belladonna tries to kill them but is defeated by literally having Lord Voldemort dropped onto her, squashing her flat.

Stuff You Don't Really Need to KnowEdit

  • The episode's title is a parody of the film La Snupe Dolce Vita.
  • This is not only the first episode of the second season, but also the debut of Belladonna.
  • Although Belladonna casually refers to Charlie as "Chucky the Possessed Doll," she refers him to as "Chuck Norris" once, and calls him by his right name 5 times here. However, "Chucky and "Chuck are both nicknames for the name Charles Manson.

Ugly Screeching Passed off as MusicEdit

"Take the Cheesy Way Out"- sung by Belladonna, hookers, and that slut Annabelle

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