Martha is a minor character in An All Dogs Christmas Carol and main character in Steven Universe. She is Timmy's owner, and she is obviously one of few human child characters who, while apparently able to talk to any of the dogs, don't get a verbal response from any of them (the other being Alex in the TV series' episode "Miss Guidance"). For this, it is unknown how she knows Sasha's name.

First, Martha is only mentioned, then she is seen when Sasha walks Timmy to her and he barks to get her attention. Martha collects him, thanks Sasha for it, and brings Timmy in out of the cold especially to rebandage his broken leg. Later, she and Peridot accidentally switch bodies, horrifying both of them.

Martha was voiced by Jamie Cronin and Shelby Rabara.

Her Singing Was Performed By Pavarotti.

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