"Mission: Im-Paws-Ible" is the eighth episode of the TV series.


Charlie and Itchy have to retrieve the latter's stolen collar from Carface, but Charlie gets jealous when the plan involves the perfect distraction for Carface: Sasha flirting with him.


"Everything a Girl Wants"- sung by Sasha


  • The song, "Everything a Girl Wants" is reprised (without any singing) in the next episode.
  • Speaking of which, in the same number, when, due to Sasha dodging Carface's hug, he hugs himself, his right shoulder sleeve is the color of his fur, but changes back to purple when Sasha rises and leans back against him.
  • Also, while Sasha starts the record, part of her feather boa is turned the brown color of her primary fur for less than an instant.

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