Redford T. Clod being zany like usual.

Redford T. Clod, known as Red for short, is the comic relief and harmless villain of All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, and the pathetic archenemy of Gabriel Angeles, Beverly Bowlers, Charlie Barkin, Itchy Itchiford, Kaylah Spencer, and later Kendall Angeles, Kaylah's daughter, Katherine and her boyfriend, Michael.

Biography Edit

Red is the least powerful demonic cat with his lame magical powers as the bumbling sorcerer in the Underworld He's planned to rule the world by helping with Carface, to steal the Gabriel's Horn from Heaven, he failed to trick Charlie to trade the Horn for a new collar, imprison the angelic dogs in the Alcatraz Island with swirling pool, and grow intro the gigantic demonic cat-form. His laughable weakness is water. Charlie played with the horn to easily free the dogs. Red is defected, made to look dreadfully silly, and returns to Hell where the demons make him give them foot massages. 


In contrast to Carface Caruthers who is cool, Red is a bumbling moron, much like all sidekicks are. Clumsy and dim-witted, he ruins all of Carface's plans with his zany antics. In addition to being a clownish feline, he also has the many characteristics of a slob, he eats nachos, he hates exercise (proven near the end of the film during the workout between him and Charlie), and he thinks very high of TV (especially reality shows), and doesn't want the network to cancel his favorite show, which plays a keen role in his goal to obtaining the horn.

He's filled with hatred for the Angeles cat family, who keep changing the channel. He's main archenemy of Gabriel and Beverly, Edward and Bella, and Charlie and Itchy, who all want to cancel Keeping Up with the Carutherses.

He's also become the one of the nemesises of Annabelle because he's tries to hire Super Buu to kill her because she eats his nachos without asking.

He is very gullible and trusting, believing outrageous lies told to him by Charlie and Itchy, and also very sweet, saving innocent puppies from his wicked boss because they didn't have to be hurt. But power seems to excite Red as well, because he doesn't have much of it. He takes no notice of anything going on around him and when Carface says that Charlie and his friends are getting away Red merely says "Tra-la-la" and let Justin Bieber deal with Donald Trump.


Red is cuddly feline in appearance with pinkish red fur (hence his silly name), sad eyes, dull fingernails, and goofy hip-hop bling. In drag, he looks like a little old lady and wears a dress, apron, bonnet, and a pair of slippers. As a cosplayer he is dorky-looking, weighed down by plastic armor and has fake elf ears.

All Dogs Go To Heaven 2Edit

He is a mild-mannered cat demon who is recruited by Carface in his plan to use the magical Horn of Gabriel to brainwash TV executives, thereby keeping the Caruthers family reality show on the air.

To this end, he tried to trick Carface's old nemesis Charlie into aiding him via creating magical pineapples and forcing him into a deal, but Charlies thought the pineapples were much too silly. This climaxed in the goofy little bugger managing to actually get the horn, and he began to brainwash TV executives and dress himself in fantasy cosplay.

However, Charlie and his friends decide to fight back with water as a weapon, resulting in a battle that ended with Charlie blowing the horn, freeing the TV executives and reversing the evil spell. Red, who had already been weakened by the battle, was ultimately dragged back to Hell to face punishment for his failure, such as giving Satan foot massages and being renamed Mister Snugglypuffs.


  • He is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • In disguise, Red is the only animal character from either film to ever use drag.

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