Andrew Adamson

The Great Hipster is the non-mainstream antagonist of the episode "Whacked to the Hipster." He rules California (in the vintage future) with an indie fist, and intends to force all dogs into listening to alternative post-rock, especially Charlie, who came from (what was then) the present. His minions are hipster, robotic counterparts of Carface and Killer.

It turns out the Great Hipster is a descendant of the hipster whose organic chard was stolen by Charlie. For this, the Great Hipster then decides to hipsterize the others, especially Charlie, whom he starts with by zapping him.

Because this indie future turned out to be a nightmare, Charlie made amends with the hipster by giving him a shawl knitted by Navajo medicine men.

It is unknown who voiced the Great Hipster. Maybe Johnny Depp?

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