"Whacked to the Future" is the 32nd episode of All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie is so lazy that he relies on futuristic gadgets, and because he is too lazy to clean up the apartment, he has inconvenienced everyone to the point where they have no choice but to have their New Years party at Carface's. He has a dream of being in the 23rd century where dogs are oppressed by the Great Deliverer. When not only is every other dog brainwashed by the Great Deliverer himself, and he turns out to resemble the mailman he'd barked at earlier (with a voice projector to make it sound like it was a lot of vicious dogs), Charlie regrets his laziness and calls a puppy to enlist everyone else under the promise of a T-bone, while Charlie does clean the apartment so they can have their New Years party. Also, he makes amends with the mailman by giving him a package (whose contents turn out to have roller skates in them).

Guest CharactersEdit

  • Mailman
  • The Great Deliverer- the main antagonist and one of very few successful villains, though this is only a dream. It turns out he is a descendant of the mailman Charlie barked at with a voice projector.
  • Unnamed puppy.
  • Tasha (a descendant of Sasha)
  • Scratchy (a descendant of Itchy)
  • Two robotic henchmen of the Great Deliverer, resembling Carface and Killer.


This episode's title is a play on the movie Back to the Future.

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